West Coast Catering Story

West Coast Catering,
Your Local Food Store.

West Coast Catering is a Passionate Localy Sourced Prepared Meals & Grab n Go Food Store w Amazing Catering Service located in beautiful Kincardine Area From Goderich to Owen Sound.

Our Service serves the food fantasies of the community by offering take-out options, packaged meals and crowd pleasing custom catering Specially Weddings.

West Coast Catering is the brainchild of industry veteran Alexandre Lussier, named Best Chef in Canada, who have moved to Kincardine area to offer the people what they want: delicious, local and specialty food options, made with care.

We are ready to serve you! Visit us in person or order online.

Prepared Meals Heating Instructions

Keep the plastic on. It is best to poke some holes with a fork. Peeling the corners can be tricky. The plastic serve has a moisture retainer during the warming process

All the meals are already fully cooked. We designed them to be warmed up to desired temperature to allow the meals to be at the perfect moisture & consistency.

For the Oven

- Set oven at 350F

- On a tray, put the meal (with the pierced plastic) in the hot oven

- It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to heat up the meal from the fridge and 25 to 40 minutes from the freezer

From the Microwave

The meal will take 3 minutes to heat up from the fridge and 5 to 6 minutes from frozen. From frozen it is best to heat up the meal in 2 steps for best results. Start with 3 minutes, rest for 3 and finish with 2 to 3 extra minutes and rest the meal for several minutes The result will disperse the heat more evenly.

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